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Bali: Kuta – Legian – Seminyak

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If you heading for Bali and love to have a sunset, whitish beaches, dinner or some drinks on the beach and not too far from shops etc. you will probably end up going to either Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. It is one long stretch of beach that connects all these places but every place is different and has its own characterizes. We have been some time in all three and we just want to make it a little bit easier for you to decide which part to choose as your base as a family.

The beaches

Kuta’s beach

has nice trees for shadow but the beach is a little steep so you will almost always lay uphill. There are a lot of first-time surfers in the sea which makes it a little bit dangerous for kids to swim. There is a very busy road you need to cross to get to the beach and there are no hotels directly on the beach.


has a very broad beach with many sunbeds and beanbags on it. There are fewer trees but there are many beach beds with parasols so the shadow is guaranteed. The surf is also ok but not as busy as Kuta and the water is a bit more shallow. Nice for kids to play. It’s a flat beach so no uphill beds over here. The road behind the largest part of the Legian beach is car-free so it much safer for kids to cross the road.


is the same stretch of beach as Legian but has a better nightlife. In the evening many restaurants set up their bean bags and tables on the beach so you can enjoy dinner on the beach. Live music is played at many venues on the beach. Of course, the food on the beach is a bit more expensive than off beach. Seminyak is the only beach that provides this nightlife dinner lounge combination but the stroll from Legian to Seminyak is just 5 till 10 minutes.

We choose Legian beach because it’s a bit quieter during the day and there is almost no traffic on the road behind the beach so kids can easily cross the road. If we want dinner on the beach we walk 10 min to Seminyak and if we want a party or big shopping malls we walk 20 minutes to Kuta. The nicest part is between Jalan melasti and Jalan Padma Utara where no cars are allowed. We loved Melasti Bali Beach resort for the kids. We booked it cheap through Agoda.

Prices Hotels

Hotel prices are cheapest in Kuta, then Legian and then Seminyak. We love the poppies 1 and 2 lanes in Kuta but they tend to have much traffic so not so safe with kids. It’s really hard to compare prices because booking sites often have cheap offers. Compare them all before booking because differences can go up to 60%. In average Kuta is still the cheapest place to sleep but Legian is not much more expensive. Seminyak is more Luxurious and therefore more expensive.

We choose Kuta if it comes to the cost of sleep.

Prices food and drinks

The cheapest food is still on the back of the beaches in the small warungs where you can eat for 2$ but if it comes to restaurants you will find the lowest prices in Kuta, then Legian and then Seminyak. It, of course, depends if you eat in a cozy warung or a more western type restaurant. In a warung, you will be paying IDR 30.000 ($2) for nasi goreng and in the luxe beach bars, we saw prizes of IDR 120.000 ($8,00) for the same nasi goreng. All three places have warungs and expensive restaurants so it’s up to you. We prefer the warungs because the food is often more authentic and tasty.

Drinks will vary between IDR 15.000 and 25.000 for a coke. A beer cost IDR 30.000 and a Cocktail will average cost IDR 70.000.

TIP. If you look at the menu cards please look if tax and service are added afterward because your food and drink can be up to 25% more expensive.

Type of traveler

Off course all types of travelers visit all three places and everybody has his own taste but if we were to categorize the three places then it would be like this:

Kuta: Younger people that surf and party

Legian: families with children

Seminyak: a bit more posh people and high-end party youngsters.

Final conclusion

If your traveling with kids we would definitely choose Legian over Kuta and Seminyak. It’s just a bit more quiet, safer and the beach is great. Again we loved our stay at Melasti beach resort because of the three pools for kids and cheap prices we found on Agoda.


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