Nice to meet you !

Who are we ?

We are the Taihuttu family ( yolo family travel) traveling around the world and enjoying life.  First of all we need to warn you that we are Dutch and that english isn’t our native language. So upfront sorry for the incorrect grammar etc.

yolo family travel

We both grew up in the same town Venlo and met in a cafe called de paternoster during carnaval. After finisching school we started working and buying a house.  After a lot of practise we decided to have some kids. Didi realized after a month that working for a boss wasn’t really his thing so he started his own it company. This company which grew to a nice and healthy company in 15 years time.

Everything was there we ever wanted but there always was the dream of exploring the world. We backpacked a few times when we were young but not with kids. Off course we took the kids to a lot off countries but mostly for max a month. So again we had a very nice life but there always was a unsatisfied feeling that we had to explore the world. Exploring for some longer time now and not postpone it till we were old. Then suddenly everything change! We were 64 and growing old hahaha. No just a joke Before the sad part.

The sad part about yolo

After didi’s mother died at 48 years old in 2002  his father was diagnosed with cancer in january 2015. After spending a lot of time together he died just a year later in 2016 at 61 years old. That was the moment we really woke up and realized yolo ( you only live once in this life that is ). We had to start really living and enjoying life. What happened to his father can happen to everybody every day. We decided that to postpone our dreams was not the smartest thing to do.

So, we were both 38 years old, our kids were 11, 9 and 6 and and we had a company in which we worked many hours a week. We felt like continious running in a circle and used short hollidays to get some rest. Traveling has been a passion for many years. We often questioned ourselfs how it would be if we just traveled. But there were always excuses because we had a company, our kids had to go to school, our family needs us, what will it cost etc. But because of everything that had happened this time it was different.

We sat at the table and we looked at eachother. We were thinking exactly the same. There was no way we could continue the life we were living. Didi was on the border of a burnout and as a family we needed a break so we sold everything. We started with selling our company and after that all our personal belongings and our house.  Many of them are still for sale but because it took too long so we just booked tickets to Bangkok and two months later we arrived in Bangkok and our journey started.

And now ?

We can honestly say that we have never been this happy. By starting this website we just want to help other families realize that there is more in life and that everything is possible. And yes there will be ups and downs but in the end there is nothing more beautifull then spending quality time as a family. So that is the reason we strongly believe in yolo and hope that we can get other people enthousiast in changing their life.

Website goals

We hope our website will take away your doubts about:
– kids and (no) school
– the scarry world
– meeting other cultures
– cost
– and many other excuses you have to not travel.

Didi, Romaine, Joli, Juna and Jessa

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