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Author: The Bitcoin Family

Gert Late Night & Preparations tour

At the moment we are thinking a lot about and preparing for our next adventure. We will probably start around the 1st of June. At the same time, Didi is speaking at conferences, meetups, podcasts, and television, so May is a pretty busy month for him. We created a calendar on our site so you can see which events, tv show or meetup we/Didi will visit. Tonight we will be in the Gert Late night show in Antwerp Belgium. It is always exciting to be on live TV shows and it is an adventure for the kids.

For our next adventure, we are searching for sponsors because it is going to be a very unique one. Soon we will launch our promo video and tour website so you see what we are going to do. The biggest challenge at the moment is finding a car for our adventure. We are doubting between a 4×4 or a Van.

Both have pros and cons so let us know which one you would choose. The Kids love the 4×4 but you know how it goes when they don’t have enough space on the backseat 🤣. But first things first and that is finishing the website, video and finding sponsors, media partners and supporting influencers. So far we have found 3 media partners and about 8 supporting influencers with a total following of more than 1 million people.

We are very much looking forward to tell you more about our idea and starting the tour to show the world what blockchain, Bitcoin and life are really about.

Didi, Romaine, Joli, Juna & Jessa

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