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BTC Garage Sale Track

BTC garage sale the bitcoin family

On this page, we will track our garage sale held in December 2018 and see how much BTC we earned with selling at what rate and how much this will be worth in the future. To keep it simple we will stop with counting the garage sale when we were able to buy 1 BTC. Then we will determine the average EUR/BTC price of the garage sale and take that as a start point.

15-12-2018; Sold € 1170 at BTC €2850 = 0,42 BTC
16-12-2018; Sold € 422 at BTC €2950 = 0,14 BTC
17-12-2018; Sold € 615 at BTC €3052 = 0,205 BTC
02-01-2019; Sold € 407 at BTC € 3330 = 0,12 BTC
online sales 17-12  till 31-12 € 640 at BTC €3150 = 0,203 BTC

We will still be selling our stuff but to keep it simple we will calculate with the 1,085 BTC we sold till 1st of January 2019. To calculate today’s value of the garage sale investment fill in the amount of BTC in the field below and you will see the $ Value today.

Total investment from garage sale € 3254 / $3615,55

Total amount BTC 1,085

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