Starting with Crypto

3 hours

Welcome to a new world. You have taken the right decision. Learning and understanding new technologies has been a key success parameter in history. With the blockchain technology we are entering a new phase of the monetary evolution.

Module 1 : An introduction to the basics

The Bitcoin family takes you by the hand. Make yourself comfortable with Didi and understand the way they have taken so far. Don’t be afraid of changes – see the opportunities that lay within them.


Module 2 : First steps into the Crypto world

Time to get some stuff done. Where to buy the first Bitcoins? How to convert USD / EUR and other currencies into cryptocoins. How to send crypto from one wallet to another.


Module 3 : Crypto in daily life

Understand how to keep your crypto coins safe in online and offline wallets. Payments and cash withdrawals through crypto creditcards easy and understandable explained.


Module 4 : The secrets of trading

The crypto market is highly volantile and that allows massive gains (and losses) in “day trading”. Learn the basics of trading, such as placing buy and sell orders. Place stop losses orders and learn to read technical analysis.


Module 5 : Be prepared for the future

What changes will the blockchain bring to us? Didi will draw a picture in the future for blockchain and crypto currencies.




“I put all eggs in one basket” – I am so convinced about the blockchain technology and the crypto coins that I have sold everything. E V E R Y T H I N G. All that we owned is invested in crypto coins. We sold our company, house, car, shoes and even the childrens toys. I have never been a gambler. But I trust in what I understand and what I have knowledge about. Blockchain is the future and I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

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