2017 was Unpredictable

Wow where do we need to start? 2017 was such an inspiring, exiting and strange year at the same time, that I even don’t know what to say.

Our world trip gave us so much insight in life and the important things in life that we were able to take the steps we took. At first we didn’t think we were doing something special because we naturally grew into this phase of our lives of accepting minimalism as a way of life. Yes of course we know not everybody would trust Bitcoin as much as we do, but because of all the media attention and real nice messages from people all over the world we slowly started to realize we really did something special in the eyes of many. Yes we went all-in and we don’t have any money anymore because everything is in crypto. Off course we were a bit afraid when we sold our company, house, cars and all other things but to be honest it didn’t change much, except media wise,  to our life. We are still living a normal life but now on a campsite and we have some crypto which at the moment is worth 5 times more then we started but we also realize that it can be 5 times less as well. We still have the same family and friends and still breath the same air and take a shit on a toilet. hahaha

If there are 3 things we would like to share with you for 2018:

  • Stop making decisions out of fear for the unknown and start making decisions out of your heart, dreams and passion.
  • Materialism is not needed for happiness.
  • Blockchain will revolutionize many things in the world incl. the monetary system and crypto will be the next step in the evolution of money.

When you make a choice to go left at an certain point, afterwards there will again be the choice to go left or right. So every choice you make does not determine your whole future. There are always new possibilities and ways that you can’t even think of right now.

Do you really think a year ago we as a family could have ever predicted that at the moment we would be a homeless, minimalism, crypto loving family that has been in the news internationally. That we would have been in television shows, people have filmed documentaries about us, we are writing a book now and even had a request for exclusive rights for a movie ?

No, we could have never known this but it shows that if you chose to change your life it doesn’t have to be negative and will probably work out well. Life has to be about connecting with people, exploring the world, yourself and many other things. Life isn’t just about work and running the hamster wheel to get as much luxury items as possible. And yes we know many of you think, but we have to save money or invest in buildings etc. for a secure future. To those we want to say:

Wake up! We can’t change the past and we surely can’t predict the future. Start living now and enjoy every moment instead of worrying about the future or past.

Off course we wish you all a very happy and most important healthy 2018, but let’s start with enjoying this last day of 2017 with our friends and/or family and we will see what 2018 brings us.


Didi, Romaine, Joli, Juna and Jessa

YoloFamily – BitcoinFamily or whatever name you want to give us

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