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Minimalism and Cryptocurrency Update 1

First steps of minimalism and cryptocurrency trading

We are still in the Netherlands but we are making progress and we love the steps we are taking to a minimalistic life and cryptocurrency trading.  Our house is probably sold, most of our luxury products are sold and our chalet had some updates so it’s a bit more livable with 3 kids.  It’s a big adventure and we are enjoying this ride to the fullest. Of course, we have some struggles as well because we all have to get used to the small space and it’s getting colder in Holland so outside living becomes more difficult. On the other side, kids love it because it’s cozy and we get to spend a lot more time together. Some pics of our chalet.


We must admit that because of selling everything and lowering your monthly cost there is a lot less financial pressure which makes life already more easygoing. It’s a great and free feeling that we haven’t had for a long time. We were always in the race for work and earning money to buy unneeded luxury. Now we really have time to live and this change is mindblowing. We recommend everybody too look at their life and see if the material stuff really makes you happy.

Because of the steps we are taking we are getting some media attention in the Netherlands at the moment and we want to share this with you. The sites are mostly in dutch but I think that they offer you to read in English as well.


Time to read

Because of the extra time we have now we started to read some books.  We recommend you to read this one. It’s really good and easy to read. The book was written by Mo Gawdat,  the chief Business officer at Google and really changes your mindset on happiness.

Thanks for reading and we will keep you up to date on our adventures. If you want some info on cryptocurrency like the bitcoin we recommend to take a look at It really makes it possible to live a free life with a lot of passionate traveling.

Happy reading, trading, and safe travels




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