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Last week we were able to be part of the Lite.IM branding event. For the ones who don’t know yet, they are sponsoring our family on the #sharingiscaring tour and we are very honored and proud to have them as our sponsor. It was a great event with presentations about the newest features, the presentation of Gotti the mascot a really nice Swiss style bbq and of course some drinks.

The reason why we accepted this sponsorship is first of all that we both have the same vision and believes about Bitcoin and changing the world. We both believe that it is very important that if we want to reach mass adoption for cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin and #Litecoin we need to simplify the use of it.

This is exactly what is doing. They make it possible for people that use facebook or telegram to now buy, send, receive and exchange Bitcoin with the apps they are already using to chat. This means 2.3 billion Facebook users and 180 million telegram users now have acces to Bitcoin without the need of any technical knowledge or installing a bitcoin wallet etc. In our opinion this is huge and it makes it very easy for us to explain to people on the other side of the world how to use Bitcoin.

One of the best parts is that by educating people about and sharing our referral link with them we even earn BTC which we can share with the poor. And yes, of course, they will be able to share their referral link and start earning, etc as well. Getting curious? Do check out how it works here and stay tuned to the new features they will soon add because they will blow your mind:

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