This is so cool, we can finally show you guys our new logo. 

Why did we want a new logo?

We felt that our old logo was to statical and had no potential of growing. Yes we are the bitcoin family of 5 but we want to create a huge bitcoin family of people that embrace the evolution of technology, Bitcoin,  that is going to include many people into this new monetary system and thus have a huge social economical Impact.

We started to think about a logo that would be less statical, free shapeable and a more modern. We wanted a logo that would represent technology and family and that would make people feel included into the Bitcoin family.

The Bitcoin Family – New logo

Message from The creators 

When the BTC Fam approached us to rethink their logo we were stoked! The crypto revolution is something we’ve thought about long and hard.  We thought of idea of the Mitosis early on in the design process: A cell is considered the smallest possible organism, yes, but what we often forget is that it is also the latest phase in the process of evolution. 

For a cell to evolve first it must grow, then, to interact with the world; and so multiplying from 2 – 4 – 16, changing from the smallest organism turning itself -almost magically- into some form of meta-organism more impressive than the sum of its parts.:  a human, a bull, a whale.

Mitosis, like BTC is about multiplying, sharing and strength in numbers. We could not have struck with a more appropiate concept. Now its just a matter of interaction with the world.

Franko & Boro (

Logo The Bitcoin Family

The Bitcoin Family

The above combined with that we started as a 5 person Bitcoin family and we want to evolve to a huge worldwide Bitcoin family. From 5 people to 10 to 20 to 40 to 80 and so on made Frankoro come up with this free shapeable logo that would represent technology and family growth at the same time.

We are very happy with the result and are thankful to Franko & Boro for very professional walking us through all the necessary steps to get this amazing result. If you ever need a Designer I would definitely recommend this amazing Mexican-born, Amsterdam based creative duo. They rock 🔥

The Bitcoin Family - sharingiscaringtour
The Bitcoin Family – #sharingiscaringtour

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