As you know we are going to screen our documentary on many blockchain and crypto events. In addition to these screening, we want to challenge other persons or families to for example:

1)  live solely on crypto for 72 hours 

2) have dinner with crypto in 24h 

3) collect crypto donations at family and friends

4) teach 1 person to install a BTC wallet and send him 0,001 BTC

5) Find a chartity that accepts BTC as donation.

These are just a few examples of challenges we can do but it will be fun to create new challenges during the tour.

Why would people join the challenge ?

Because first of all it will be a lot of fun. Secondly because the person / family that will for example collect the most donations during our tour will win 1 BTC at the end of the tour.

Treasure Hunt

Next, to the screenings and challenges all over the world, we will also hold treasure hunts at different locations. People will be able to join the treasure hunt of 1 BTC. Imagin running through Rome, Sofia or New York to find 1 BTC with the given clues. We created a very cool way to use the blockchain and an app to solve the clues. It will be a lot of fun! And yes of course these treasure hunts will be talked about on social media etc. It will be a great way of positive promotion and getting people involved in Bitcoin.

Contact us if you want to sponsor a ” your company name”  treasure hunt.

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