During our travels we will visit many charities and we will educated them in accepting crypto as a form of donation. We will also provide them of impact investments that will help them in the long term. If you want us to visit/support your charity please contact us.

Brynn Children Home is a non- governmental and non- profitable Organization working for underprivileged children- Orphans, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups. This is a home with ample of love and Affection towards Orphan and abandoned children. Some of these children have lost their parents to uniquely painful situations. BCH traces these children through pathetic stories published in News papers, reported on TV channels and some abandoned by parents because of socio-economic reasons and left with no family, no home and no hope.

Bitcoin donation page: https://www.brynnchildrenhome.org/donate-us/

1×1 für Indien ist seit Juni 1996 tätig, und ist ein kleiner, steuerbefreiter Verein der sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, in einigen Dörfern in Südindien, humanitäre Hilfe zu leisten. „1×1 für Indien“ unterstützt Schulkinder und deren Familien indem es die anfallenden Kosten für die Schule, Kleidung, med. Hilfe usw. übernimmt, und so überhaupt den Schulbesuch ermöglicht. „1×1 für Indien“ hilft auch behinderten Kindern und übernimmt die Kosten für Aerzte, Spital und Hilfsmittel. „1×1 für Indien“ hat eine Nähschule geschaffen wo interessierte Frauen und Mädchen in die Grundkenntnisse des Schneiderns, Nähens, Strickens, Stickens usw. eingeführt werden. „1×1 für Indien“ will in den Dörfern überall dort versuchen zu helfen wo dies, wegen der Armut der Bevölkerung, mit deren eigenen Mitteln nicht möglich ist.

Bitcoin donation page: https://www.1x1indien.org/wir-akzeptieren-nun-auch-bitcoin/

HappyGreenIslands  The creation of the foundation Happy Green Islands was a response to the growing waste management problem on the small East-Indonesian islands, where there’s no regulated waste management, hardly any awareness nor environmental education. An estimated 80% of all waste ends up in the ocean. It threatens both the environment and the habitat of the local community. As there are no profitable solutions available on the smaller islands, it requires innovative approaches to gain profits out of waste management that benefit the inhabitants.

Happy Green Islands strives to improve the poor economic prospects of islanders by helping them to take ownership of these new challenges without losing cultural heritage, while retaining their own identity. The foundation believes that this starts with a healthy, clean and green environment. In order to achieve this, the foundation works closely together with all residents, governments, companies, schools and religious institutions without interfering with politics or religions. 

A milestone that has already been achieved is an educational programme which is now put into use in 5 schools on the island of Saparua. We aim for all 40 schools on the island. We established a community center where children can play games, use books from the library or play badminton in exchange for a bag of clean plastic, which teaches them about the economic value plastic can have. And at this moment we are developing a recycling center to process the collected plastic waste and convert it into new products that can be sold. Also, there will be an information center about plastic, environmental issues and the solutions to keep plastic out of the environment.

donation page: http://happygreenislands.org/

We will soon present our Impact investment Partner


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