The Bitcoin family film

Siok Siok Tan

The Award-winning filmmaker Siok Siok Tan who is the Former executive producer of Discovery channel will produce our Documentary. She is the Director of Twittamentary, a crowd-sourced film that offers an insight into the lives of early adopters of the social media platform, Twitter. Her groundbreaking work has been featured in media reports on CNN, The Guardian, t the BBC, Phoenix TV, South China Morning Post, and Channel News Asia.

The documentary is made out of more than 200 hours of video we shot in the last 2,5 years traveling the world solely on crypto. It will show how we used crypto, discovered crypto towns, companies and crypto-minded people all over the world. It also shows how we as a family of 5 evolved into this decentral style of living supporting crypto 24/7 with all the ups and downs.

⬇️ The film trailer ⬇️

The Real Cryptos series by

Sean Stella

We will also be part of The Real Cryptos series that will be produced by Sean Stella & Jesse Maddox and target the non-crypto audience in an educational but more important entertaining way. Sean has established and run both IT and Media companies over the last 20 years. He has specialized in Computer Networking, Cisco primarily, PKI (Cryptography) and Media production. He has run large scale network infrastructure projects, recruited large IT teams both internally and for clients. He has produced media content for International brands and his own productions as you can see on his website .

Jesse Maddox

As a longtime filmmaker and musician, I’ve spent most of my time in a creative space, whether it’s for work, a passion project or for simple amusement. A Boston kid from the start, I eventually spent 5 years working in Hollywood. I finally lost interest enough in the plasticity of it all SO MUCH that I decided to make a massive change, a Hardfork, and move to Asia. I fell in love with Bangkok and for the past 8 years, I’ve been building my life and business here. I currently run The Best Studio Co., (a boutique production studio in Bangkok) and I’m also in an electronic music band called Rock Shreller. I love Bitcoin and I am HODL all the way. 

⬇️ The Real Cryptos trailer featuring the top of crypto influencers ⬇️

As you can see we will be working with an award winning  team, top influencers and media partners to show people what blockchain and crypto are really about.

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