Is our site not completely clear then please first check these frequently asked questions before you contact us.

  1. How do we know you will give the donations to charity?
    1. We will not receive donations but ask people to make direct donations to the charities. The only BTC we will collect are the ones of the treasure hunt and these will be collected with a new BTC wallet so that everybody can track how much bitcoins came in, went to the winner and how much to charity.
  2. How long will the trip take?
    1. The trip will minimally take about 1 year but can take up to two years depending on the interest from summits and conferences
  3. How do I join the treasure hunt?
    1. You can join the treasure hunt by filling this form
  4. How can I join the challenge?
    1. You can join the challenge by filling this form
  5. What Route will you drive?
    1. We will drive from Europe to Asia to Australia to Africa to America but it all depends on which conferences and charities we will visit
  6. Which events will you visit?
    1. You can find the events in our event calendar but we are still looking for new events so contact or connect us if you can.
  7. Where will you sleep?
    1. We will drive with a van/4×4 and try to live among charities as much as possible so we can help them while there. We will try to use the sharing economy as much as possible but if you want to have us over let us know.
  8. How can we help you?
    1. We need all the help we can get. Share our tour, help us find charities and events, accommodation, food, etc We want to minimize cost so we can donate as much as possible to the people that need it.

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