What will we do?

We will start to travel the world to screen our documentary about our crypto adventure at blockchain and crypto events. The documentary will be produced by an award winning production team. It will be a documentary about why we decided to change life, live solely on crypto for more than 2 years now and how this influenced us as a family. It will be fun, emotional, educational and spectacular and after the screening, we will do a Q&A to answer all possible questions about our cryptolife. 

On top of the screenings, we will do  Bitcoin challenges where we for example  challenge people to live solely on crypto for 72 hours. People will need to do a few tasks during this challenge. One of the tasks will be collecting donations at friends and family. These donations will be donated to charity and/or used for impact investment in local businuesses. The family that collected the most donations at the end of the tour will for example win 1 BTC.

Next to the challenge, we will do a BTC treasure hunt in every city where we visit the event. People can join this treasure hunt and be able to find a Ledger that contains 1 BTC. The break-even point will be a certain amount of  people join the hunt and all the extra income will again be donated to a charity  and/or used for impact investment in local businuesses  of the finder’s choice.

And last but not least we will be part of the ” The Real Cryptos” series which will focus on non-crypto audience to educate them in a entertaining way. 

A Unique adventure

Educate & share

Why are we doing this?

 We are traveling the world solely on crypto for a few years now and we discovered many things about the blockchain and crypto space. The most important thing we discovered was that many people stepped into the business with a Lambo and moon mentality and see crypto as a get quick rich thing. We see Crypto and Blockchain as an (R)EVOLUTION and a way to disrupt many unfair centralized systems that will benefit us and most important the needy in this world. We want to educate people about the fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin and create a Bitcoin Family movement that understands we can really help others through donations and impact investments.

We want to help and educate as much as possible people all over the world and combine this with our passion of traveling. We love to live a decentral life in which you don’t own stuff and use the sharing economy. We want to teach people the importance of Blockchain &  Bitcoin and use this evolution of technology to do  local impact investments.

You can follow our adventure on; Youtube – Twitter – Instagram

How ?

The will travel the world with a van. The biggest  part will be driven with this van  but we will also ship the van across the sea from continent to continent and sometimes we will need to travel by air to visit as much as events and charities to educate them on how to accept crypto as a form of donation and give and do impact investments with the donations we collected during the screening, treasure hunt and challenge.

example of the route we could drive

What do we need?

We are searching for sponsors, media partners, volunteers, influencers, video editers and a virtual assistant. Check the promo video at the end of this page to get an idea of the film and goal of the tour.

Why would you help us?

The sponsoring will give you a lot of benefits:

Company logo display on end of film, hosting rights for VIP screenings, Cobranding for Bitcoin family Challenges (`The ” your company name” Challenge), Cobranding for treasurehunts, Social media mentions and blog posts, Company logo display during special screening events, Logo display on The Bitcoin family Van, Hyperlinked logo on website. 

We want to create a movement in crypto space by leading by good example. Tat why we will film everything we don and show the world that life is  not just about accumulating wealth but also about helping others.  We will be the family that shares all profits with charity and shows it. This wil get mainstream media attention and influencers in space will help us with spreading the word. We allready have the support of many famous traveling families,  crypto influencers and media with a following of more than 1.500.000 people. We will contact tv and radio in all the countries we travel to tell them our story. 

In total we allready travel for 3 years and will keep traveling for an unlimited time so the sponsoring you do will give you a marketing campaign of minimal 1 year. The van/car will be fotographed many times and your logos will be seen all over the world.

 Contact us for a personal explanation or check the sponsorship packages.

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