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Happy place

Some places you just feel better then other places. It may sound strange but I really think it has to do with the energies at those places. Often when you visit a place where a lot of happy people are you feel more happy as well. Is it the beach, the sea or sun or is it a invisible energy that connects us all.

I really don’t know what the reason is but I have just accepted that those places are around. For me 2 of those places are Koh Phangan and Bali. Both Islands have a special vibe that gives me that extra zen feeling. Yes I hear all the gurus saying now but you need to be able to feel zen everywhere in the world. Sure but if you are not there yet it’s more easy to reach that status in a place where you feel more relaxed. 

The same counts for making changes in life. I see many people struggling with this at the moment and they all try and want to change but it’s just too damn hard for them. The first thing people think is that it’s financial not possible while it often is just getting your priorities straight. The second problem for them is to break the circle at home because they are afraid of the reactions of their friends and family or they get sucked back by the people around them. All above often makes them quickly fall back in running the same circle day after day because it is more convenient and feels safe. 

You can do this for a few times but there will be a time that your body will tell you to stop fooling yourself and that it now is really time to change. Why would you wait till that time if you internally feel it is the right thing to do now.

I was forced by my body through a Burnout and for me the solution was a trip of 3 months to an island where I could reset and rethink life. During that time you will feel if it feels different and if it’s more easy for you to reach that status of zen. Many people don’t even know the zen feeling so how would they want to reach something they don’t know what it is ? In an new relaxed place you will feel how it feels to be yourself without all those friends and repeating routines at home. You will learn to listen and understand your body, mind and soul. When you master to be zen on a relaxed island you can take at a step further and try to master it in a more difficult place like home.

I often compare it with football. If you need to take the decisive penalty kick in a stadium filled with 100.000 screaming people it’s helps when you have practiced it on a quiet neighborhood football court first. 

2019 was an amazing and very beautifull but also hectic year. Thats why we have decided to visit a place where we as a family feel amazing, the food is healthy, the beaches and sea are beautiful and where we can meet many same minded people. After these 2 months we will continue the tour with our rebranded Bitmobile from Bulgaria, to Montenegro , Albania, Greece etc.

Rebranded Bitmobile ? Yes the van will be rebranded but will tell you more about that in the next blog. Want to learn more about how to create the mindset and take steps to change life then read our book which is full with help.

Koh Phangan, here we come.   

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