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HODL BITCOIN and stay Happy Long time !

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog, but to be honest I’ve been very busy. Very busy Koh Phangan? Yes many crypto meetings, again made a nice documentary, some interviews and inspired many to start in crypto etc. And most importantly also just occasionally I did just nothing.

We have a few exciting days coming up in terms of bitcoin. If bitcoin will to break the border of $11.400 and closes above this limit, the chances are very big that we are going to have a bull run that can end up somewhere between $ 16,000 and $18,000. If then the second layer applications and blockchains for BTC will work in the near future, in my opinion we will easily reach the goals I already shared earlier which were higher than $ 30.000 this year. Exciting but also fun times. hahaha

In the last months I also joined the team as an advisor I became advisor for them because I just love their concept and I think it can build a bridge between money and crypto. allows you to SPEND bitcoin while you HODL them as well. So yes you can use bitcoin to invest in mining rigs or for a nice vacation and at the same time also HODL the bitcoins and thus not missing the expected growth. Take a look at the website for more info.

Another thing I would like to discuss with you is exchanges. I think that there maybe will be a major shift from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges. A good example of such a new decentralized exchange is ALTCOIN.IO . Yes this is a referral link but once you have an account you can also get it and earn a little extra. Decentralized exchanges are important for the future of crypto because they allow you to swap coins using Atomic swaps without keeping your coins on an exchange and so you  have full control on all private and public keys. Very safe in my opinion because some exchanges  have been hacked etc in recent years. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Ok that was it for now and if I can give a tip then I would not trade too much and wait to see what BTC is going to do, because as you know; As bitcoin climbs the alts will dip, as bitcoin decreases the alts will dip and only if bitcoin remains stable then the alts climb as well. I expect a BTC bull run so I keep as much as possible in BTC. But please also keep an eye on LTC because it could give us a nice surprise as well.

Oh yes and I almost forget to mention the most important thing. Because we received so many questions, I created a Crypto starters course with more than 3 hours of HD video and super tips and tricks on how to start buying and trading bitcoins. You can also become an affiliate and sell this course. Take a look at

Greetings from sunny Thailand and Hodl because soon you wil be able to say;

I am happy long time, hahahaha.

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