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The Unique Marvel of Bitcoin Blockchain: A Decentralized Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital currencies, Bitcoin stands tall as the pioneer, and its underlying technology, blockchain, is nothing short of revolutionary. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of the Bitcoin blockchain and explore why it’s a true marvel of modern technology.

1.  Decentralization at its Core:

The hallmark of the Bitcoin blockchain is its decentralized nature. Unlike traditional financial systems, where central authorities control transactions, Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer network. This decentralized structure means that no single entity has control over the entire network, fostering trust and security among users.

2. Immutability and Transparency:

Once a transaction is added to the Bitcoin blockchain, it becomes immutable, meaning it cannot be altered or deleted. Every transaction is recorded in a public ledger, ensuring transparency. This transparency not only builds trust among users but also makes it a powerful tool for auditing and verifying transactions.

3.  Proof of Work:

Bitcoin’s blockchain employs a consensus mechanism called Proof of Work (PoW). Miners use computational power to solve complex mathematical puzzles, validating transactions and adding new blocks to the blockchain. PoW ensures the security of the network, making it extremely difficult for malicious actors to alter the transaction history.

4.  Limited Supply:

Unlike traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin has a capped supply of 21 million coins. This limited supply not only makes it a deflationary asset but also guards against inflationary pressures. The controlled issuance of new Bitcoins through mining rewards maintains the scarcity, increasing its value over time.

5.  Global Accessibility:

The Bitcoin blockchain operates 24/7, without any geographical limitations. This accessibility empowers individuals in unbanked regions to participate in the global economy. All you need is an internet connection to become a part of the Bitcoin network, making it a financial equalizer on a global scale.

6.  Smart Contracts and Innovation:

While Bitcoin’s primary purpose is as a digital currency, its blockchain technology has paved the way for innovative applications. Smart contracts, self-executing contracts with coded terms, enable various functionalities beyond simple transactions. This versatility has led to the development of decentralized applications (DApps) and new blockchain-based platforms, fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

7.  Community-Driven Development:

Bitcoin’s development is open-source, allowing developers from around the world to contribute to its improvement. This collaborative approach ensures continuous enhancements, security upgrades, and the evolution of the technology to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin blockchain’s uniqueness lies in its decentralized, transparent, and secure framework. Its ability to transcend borders, facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, and foster innovation showcases the transformative power of blockchain technology. As the digital world continues to evolve, the Bitcoin blockchain remains a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a decentralized and inclusive financial future.

Dear Prime Minister This is Why Portugal should embrace Bitcoin and Blockchain?

For the past 50 years around the world individuals and countries have been embracing the technological revolution that is microelectronics, it brought employment and wealth to those countries that recognised the effect of its use, those countries that developed the hardware of the technical revolution and gained on the education of their population on the engine that drove that hardware, the code & software writers. Their early understanding of how technology was going to change everything for everyone, it would change what we did, how we worked, and how we entertained ourselves, it made the countries of the far east (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan) the countries they are today, all in the space of 50 years, countries that where inwardly agricultural based and rural economies.

The countries that embrace this coming Crypto revolution will make the largest gains in the next 30 years. The countries that open their boarders and their minds to the growing Crypto & blockchain communities will gain a march over those Countries that legislate and tax at draconian levels. Portugal has so much to offer those in the crypto communities; it’s not just YouTube influencers. It ranges from software companies like Metaverse and game builders with yearly fiscal turnovers that exceed major Hollywood studios to financial business with more customers than many Portuguese banks. And that’s just the crypto companies digitising the existing business world. Then there are the new start up companies developing tech that is yet to make its mark, but rest assured, they will and their presence will be felt all over the word, in industries and businesses from logistics to art, entertainment,  E-commerce, healthcare and real estate. All promoting transparency and decentralisation in every facet of business and day to day life.

California and San Francisco has already started to lose many of its large established software and technological companies who are as we speak looking for Crypto friendly Countries to move their businesses. These companies will look for environments that match what they have now, but with a progressive legislator, that is stable, and offers a work force with a good level of education. Many may think that those American companies would look to South America and countries like El Salvador or Mexico. While these countries may show willing, there will probably be a reluctance to move south of the boarder by the owners fo the companies. The only other way is North and Canada, a lovely country but cold and for a work force that is fundamentally made up of millennials & Gen Y.1, Canada is nice to go and snow board, but they choose to work in California for the sun and life style and that’s what the workforce wants.

Portugal has a major advantages over South America as its SAFE & Stable and with the right legal attitude toward Crypto it could be so tempting to both owners and workers to  move to all areas of Portugal, bringing investment, employment, future prosperity and stability to Portugal. Crypto & blockchain has already shown that it is going to do to all businesses what Uber did to taxis or the email to post offices etc.

The political parties that see what crypto & blockchain can do for Portugal will need to make the “Tax burden” 0 or close to zero and if the Politician’s do their job with diligence and foresight Portugal could become the epic centre of not only Crypto but a major location in Neo Banking as well.

There is a saying, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Portugal you owe it to your children and children’s children to open your arms, minds & hearts to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain, as you are the ones that will have to tell them why you didn’t when you had the chance!

This is the main reason why we moved to Portugal as we told to CNBC. We want to be part of this amazing evolution in technology in a country with amazing people, weather, food etc like I shared on twitter.

New Bitcoin Family youtube videos 🔥🚀🔥

How are you guys doing? Yes, we started to make new Bitcoin family YouTube videos again. Didi Taihuttu found his passion and energy in making a daily update video to educate you about Bitcoin Blockchain and life. We will of course also stay posting family videos but do check these new YouTube videos out because didi puts a lot of time in making them and we would love to receive your support !!

Todays Video


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Evimeria – making charity more transparent through the blockchain

By now you know us well. We will not stop talking about the benefits of a decentralised world! A world where everyone has the freedom to decide how to manage their assets, education, family and any aspect of life in general. A decentralised world that this is now more possible because of blockchain. Well, blockchain is about to do it again!! Here is how Evimeria will use blockchain to make the charity industry a better place!!

Evimeria – New kids on the block

I have been following and mentoring a young dynamic team of developers and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to clean up the reputation of the charity industry. They are called Evimeria, and through blockchain, they want to bring accountability and tractability to all future donation schemes and charity organisations. I have taken their project to heart because they also share my vision of a decentralised and more transparent world. I support them greatly and that is how I ended up on their advisory board.

The problem with today’s Charity Industry

Donation schemes and Charity organisations have lost their edge and credibility in the past decade or so. We have heard many instances where organisations fizzle out and fail to use the funds as promised. Or else, after all the hype is over, it transpires that the organisation gets the majority of the money as service fees and only a little bit reaches the actual person in need.
How many times did you want to donate for a good cause, but then stopped because you have too many doubts? Will the money I donate really reach the charity organisation? Will the charity organisation actually organise and spend the money on what or who they are promising? Once you have donated your money, then you have no more control over it! You can only hope it actually results in some benefit to the world!

The Evimeria Ecosystem

The Evimeria team have set about to create an ecosystem that will be the bridge between generosity and the people who need it most. The word ‘evimeria’ is Greek for prosperity and economic success. Through this ethos, the Evimeria project revolves around giving people around the world a fair chance at life by making donations easy and transparent. Here is how they will do it. The ecosystem will be made of three major parts: the platform, the exchange, and the public blockchain.

The Evimeria Platform

This donation platform will offer a user-friendly blockchain backed platform for charities and benefactors to come together. All charity accounts will go through a manual vetting and KYC process in order to confirm their identity and business status. Then, Evimeria will give them a charity profile page which is always visible to the public. Transparency is mandatory in this case.
Everyone can create a donor account and use the platform to support the charities they wish to. The important aspect is that donors will have all access to the charity’s immutable records of payment amounts and routes. A donor account can be private if the donor wishes to remain ss209 anonymous. Of course, this is not possible for a charity account.

The Evimeria Exchange

This exchange will be what connects the platform to the public blockchain. The Evimeria token (EVI) powers the Evimeria platform by offering liquidity and an exchange-of-value system within the Evimeria ecosystem. Here, other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC can be exchanged and traded with EVI to be able to use the Evimeria donation platform.

The public blockchain

The EVI is currently a Waves token, however, by Q1 of 2019, the EVI will have its own public blockchain with its own blockchain explorer. Once on the blockchain, the EVI can also be staked for rewards. The public ledger system ensures that all EVI transactions related to donations or anything else are easily tracked. All donations and their use will be permanently viewable, auditable, and traceable on the public blockchain.
As a result, these three components will bring; a.) a simple platform that brings together donors and charities transparently, b.) an EVI exchange that links EVI with other cryptocurrency assets, and c.) a public distributed ledger that tracks and accounts for every transaction.

Advisor for Evimeria

So yes, I am proud to be an advisor to the Evimeira team. I truly believe that blockchain has the potential to bring confidence back into the non-profit sector once again. It will make the charity industry more transparent and accountable. People will now know for sure if their donations really reach the people in need or the pockets of the charity directors!
Introducing blockchain to the charity domain is a breakthrough that is still in its infancy. Join this decentralised altruistic community through Twitter, Facebook…. You can also show your support by following and learning more through Evimeria’s Telegram Channel:

Momentum Protocol; revolutionising the loyalty world.

During our travels, I have met Momentum Protocol and I want to share their good news with you guys! This company will decentralise the whole concept of customer loyalty and rewards schemes through blockchain. And we can all benefit from this!!

The Loyalty & Rewards Industry

There are so many loyalty and reward programs out there! And we all know how it all ends! When you get reward points, you can lose track or forget all about them. Or maybe you remember to try and use them, but you do not have enough points to make a purchase! So you end up losing interest in all loyalty and reward schemes.

This is a common problem with most people. And therefore, if we look closely at the whole Loyalty & Rewards Industry, this market has a big problem. Loyalty points are losing their value. The Loyalty and Rewards Industry offers around $500Bn worth of loyalty points yearly but about half of these never get used.
But things are changing with Momentum Protocol!

Momentum Protocol – What they do

This company has a proven record in creating effective and user-friendly Loyalty and Reward Platforms for major brands. But now they are also shifting these platforms onto the blockchain. Wonderful news for all those that support the decentralised world movement! But Momentum Protocol takes it even a step further. The loyalty points from all brands that offer loyalty and rewards programs and are connected to Momentum Protocol Momentum Protocol platforms will be transferable between different brands too! Here is what they are up to…

MobileBridge App

The company already has a successful track record in supplying Loyalty & Reward Platform solutions through its MobileBridge App software, this is the software that’s behind a brands loyalty and rewards app. As already discussed, consumers don’t see value in marketing campaigns and loyalty programs anymore. This loyalty and rewards software, in existence today, already enables major companies to reward their customers for driving revenue and brand awareness. It does this by identifying the right moment and the right location to engage with each consumer individually.

momentum protocol Didi Taihuttu

Momentum Token

Now, Momentum Protocol are launching the Momentum Token, creating the world’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency-based marketing platform. This will enable brands to use the Momentum Token or their own branded currency to reward consumers for their loyalty. The Momentum Token in itself will be a cryptocurrency and it will store value that can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies. Shoppers will be able to collect these crypto based rewards and decide how, when and where they use them.

Benefit for Customers

The Momentum Token gives the customer the possibility to exchange company branded tokens into Momentum Tokens. Which they can keep in their wallet and exchange for other branded reward tokens or cryptocurrencies.

In other words, you can take all your loyalty points and reward tokens from different stores and have the ability to transfer, swap or gift them. In this way, you or someone else can take benefit of these tokens that would otherwise go to waste! Momentum Protocol is providing so much more freedom and value to the consumer!

Benefit for Companies

By using the Momentum Token, brands can directly reward their consumers, not only for their purchases and loyalty but also for sharing their data and any other activity that supports the brand.

Why I decided to become their ambassador

As you know our family is a huge fan of the blockchain revolution. We support it because it aligns to our vision of a decentralised world. A world where people are free to make their own choices. They have control over their lives, their finances, their children’s education, and all personal decisions. And yes, why not also their well-earned loyalty points!!
Momentum Protocol are leading the Loyalty & Rewards Industry by example. With their innovative and active implementation onto blockchain technology, they are supporting the change to a decentralised world.
I share Momentum’s vision that this will fundamentally change an industry into a more decentralised one where people will benefit more. I became an ambassador of Momentum Protocol because I strongly believe that people need to be able to see and control their loyalty and reward points freely. They were loyal to a brand so they deserve to receive and use their points in a transparent way.
Well done to Momentum Protocol for supporting the blockchain revolution!

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