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Doge dog – The Bitcoin Children want one!

The Bitcoin Children want a Doge dog!

My kids have been begging for a pet dog for quite a while now. They even made a youtube video about it! They tell me it will be a great addition to our travelling troupe. Of course, being surrounded daily with crypto jargon their heart is set on getting a Doge dog! Yes, that cute yellow, pointy eared dog that stole the hearts of many when its humorous face went viral on the internet. It became so popular that it even got a crypto currency named after it – the Dogecoin! But is the Doge dog the right dog for us?

dogecoin the bitcoin family

What is a Doge dog?

Seems that the name “Doge” is not actually a dog breed! Doge is a misspelled version of the word dog and was used to refer to an internet meme that went viral in 2013. The Doge meme shows a picture of a female Shiba Inu with an expressive face and some funny text. People went wild over this meme and everyone started to make their own version of the Doge meme. You can make your own Doge meme here.  OK… back to business! So when my kids tell me they want the dog on the Dogecoin, they are really asking for a Shiba Inu.

How did a dog’s face end up on the Dogecoin?

By end 2013, the Bitcoin reached a value of $1,083.14 and people started to take it seriously. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer thought that cryptocurrency should also be fun and not just about money and serious trading. So they decided to create their own fun altcoin community. They created the Dogecoin, partly as a “joke currency”, based on the happy-looking Shiba Inu pic featured in the Doge meme. The Dogecoin was born! The Dogecoin (DOGE) has gradually been building in value and can be easily traded on a wide variety of exchanges. You can buy your DOGE coins with Giropay, Ideal, Mybank, Sepa, Sofort, Trustpay at


Is the Shiba Inu a good match for the Bitcoin family?

So… back to the dog issue! What does the internet say about this dog breed? What is the Shiba Inu like around family members and in the house, or rather, in a campervan?! Does it match our lifestyle?

shiba-inu didi taihuttu the Bitcoinfamily


The Shiba Inu characteristics

The Shiba Inu is a convenient size, handsome, easy to groom and quiet indoors but that is where the positive points end! Dog breed experts say it is a very challenging dog to raise and train. The Shiba Inu is a high-spirited, “big dog in a small body”, who’s hunting instinct will make it chase anything that moves. It has a mind of its own and will be oblivious to your calls if an interesting sight or scent catches his attention. Its high energy can make it quite destructive when bored or left alone too much. Its excessive suspiciousness can make it turn unsocial and aggressive to new people and dogs if not socialised enough. Not such a good thing for us, since we travel and meet new people all the time! The Shiba Inu will need a confident owner that provides a stable environment and consistent house rules. The worse pitfall is when the Shiba Inu is owned by a big family and each individual has a different set of rules. That’s another deal breaker for our family with three kids! The Shiba Inu`s coat also sheds a lot. Another negative point when living in a campervan!

The result is…

Ok… so that’s it! The Shiba Inu could be a cute dog but it is not for us! My children will not be happy… so maybe I need to redirect them to a breed that is more appropriate for our family. There are these online quizzes that will match a dog breed to your lifestyle. I will get them do a lot of these quizzes and see the outcome. A fun activity that should keep them busy for a while I guess! Haha!

Help us decide!

So what is your opinion about this? I reach out to all our dog savvy followers. Please send us your suggestions and help us decide which dog breed is best for The Bitcoin Family!
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