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The ultimate Rubiks Cube Battle

Rubiks Cube

During all the waiting or doing nothing times Romaine and Juna started to learn solving the Rubiks Cube. At the beginning it was hard but during the last few days they suddenly got better at it.

Rubiks Cube Romaine and Juna

So when we were on the beach they wanted to do a battle. It was a lot of fun and the cube is a great cheap light toy to take during travels and it trains your brain as well. Watch our video now and we will soon tell you how they learned it and tell you the steps you should take to solve it. Have a lot of fun with watching the movie 😀 Want to ask us how to learn it contact us. We are happy to help you.

Click  here for the video on youtube !

And if you want to read more about what it does to your brain then look at this page with info about the cube and your brain.

We love to entertain our children with games that are good for body, mind and soul. If you have any suggestions about games please let us know. Better, if you are near us contact us and let’s meet up so our kids can play together.

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