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Episode 2 The Bitcoin Family by Gokhstein Media

In todays episode

Today the second episode of the bitcoin family by Gokhstein Media is going live. In todays episode Jessa tells me at breakfast she wants a dog and I teach her a wise life lesson. Then Joli wants her first driving lesson in the Bitcoin Machina, but she’s only 15 so what to do? We also need some music in the house so we decide to buy a bluetooth speaker and we doubt between the Marshall or JBL but whichever it it is we will try to pay with BTC of course. You might like the result.

Have fun watching the second episode and if you missed the first one then don’t forget to watch that one as well.

Episode 1

The Bitcoin Family episode 1 gokhstein media

Episode 2

The Bitcoin Family Episode 2 Gokhstein media

And yes tune in next Friday again for another episode of the bitcoin family on Gokhstein Media

Who’s Gokhstein Media?

Gokhstein is empowering the public and businesses who are developing blockchain technology & lifestyle brands around the world. Gokhshtein Media is your premier destination for valuable content, articles, news, magazines and podcasts!

Their Mission

Gokhshtein Media is focused to unwrap the blockchain industry and sprinkle in some lifestyle content so that we all stay entertained, inspired and progressing in our efforts. Their mission is to share the latest news, articles, podcasts and technical information about distributed ledger technologies as they continue to evolve in the world around us. Looking at finance, data management and social cultures around our industry gives us key insights which we want to share with you.


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