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!! HELP !!  

And there we are. We have been traveling for 9 months now ( Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, France, Spain). On our way to Portugal but at the moment we ended up having a pit stop in our home country Holland. There were some issues to solve with the government. Kids in Holland are not allowed to be home schooled and we did so now we will probably be punished/fined for this. Yes Holland has an open minded policy about drugs, prostitution etc. but not when it comes to schooling. We knew this could happen and we took the risk so we won’t be complaining any further about this.  At the moment there are 4 main issues we would love to talk about with you guys and hopefully we can get some help/advise on them from you.


The biggest challenge we are facing is that we as a family are in the middle of not knowing how  to adapt a new lifestyle.  We would love to keep traveling (my wife in a slower pace). The 7, 10 and 12 year old like traveling but they like their local family, friends and school as well. As parents we love to live a more minimalistic life but to be honest we spoiled our kids in the first part of their life so it will be a huge change for them. Off course the kids understand that life isn’t the same in the poorer parts of the world and we can be happy with less but I think it will take some time to get rid of the materialistic roots we sadly gave them in the first part of their childhood. If you faced this issue please let us know how you coped with this.


Our kids like going to school and love socializing with their friends. We on the other hand think that most schools are creating machines instead of loving human being’s and that’s why we home schooled them the last year but there often is the lack off socializing with other kids.  We just don’t think that the current way schools teach is good and we think our kids are given the wrong knowledge in the wrong way. Do you know places where family’s live together and home school their kids?


Then there is the money making challenge. We started a website/blog/cryptocurrency and yes we became affiliates for a few companies but we are not making enough money yet to live off it. Our house is still for sale and the savings are getting less but we just would love to start earning some money while we show our kids the world. If you have any ideas or tips on making money while traveling please let us know.


We don’t mind being in Holland a part of the year but with the current school law it’s just not possible to live the life we love to live.  If you live in Holland children have to attend school and by law no exception possible. We are thinking to move to another country but don’t exactly know what this TaxWise, healthcare wise etc. will mean. If you already went through this process please let us know your opinion.

Ok that’s all, hahaha.
I hope you guys can help us with making some huge decisions in our lives and if there is any way we can help you with anything just ask. Asking for help reveals strength, not weakness


Didi, Romaine, Joli, Juna and Jessa
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