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Mastering Life: 25 Mindset Rules That Propel You to Success

In the intricate tapestry of life, our mindset serves as the guiding thread, weaving through challenges and triumphs. Cultivating the right mindset can empower us to navigate the complexities of existence with grace and resilience. Here, we unveil 25 indispensable mindset rules that can transform your life.

1. Embrace Change

Change is the only constant. Embrace it, adapt, and grow.

2. Positivity Breeds Positivity

A positive mindset invites positive outcomes. Choose optimism.

3. Failure is a Stepping Stone

Failure isn’t fatal. It’s a lesson, a stepping stone to success.

4. Gratitude Amplifies Happiness

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. Count your blessings daily.

5. Limitless Potential

Your potential knows no bounds. Believe in your capabilities.

6. Mindfulness in the Present

The present moment is all we truly have. Be fully present and savor life.

7. Resilience in Adversity

Resilience is not the absence of struggle, but the ability to bounce back stronger.

8. Continuous Learning

Knowledge empowers. Never cease to learn and grow.

9. Kindness Matters

Kindness is a language that everyone understands. Spread it generously.

10. Self-Compassion

Be kind to yourself. You are doing the best you can.

11. Purpose Fuels Passion

A life with purpose is a life well-lived. Discover your passion and pursue it relentlessly.

12. Visualize Success

Visualization amplifies belief. Envision your success vividly.

13. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Nurture your mind and body. They are your most precious assets.

14. Celebrate Others’ Success

Celebrate the success of others genuinely. Their journey doesn’t diminish yours.

15. Adaptability

The ability to adapt is the key to survival. Be flexible in your approach.

16. Courage to Take Risks

Great achievements involve great risk. Have the courage to step into the unknown.

17. Forgiveness Frees You

Forgiving others (and yourself) releases the burden of anger and resentment.

18. Patience in Progress

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient with your journey.

19. Embrace Challenges

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Embrace them and grow stronger.

20. Cultivate Empathy

Understanding others’ perspectives builds meaningful connections.

21. Value Time

Time is your most valuable asset. Spend it on what truly matters.

22. Balance Work and Life

A harmonious life balances work, relationships, and personal time.

23. Believe in Abundance

The universe is abundant. Believe in abundance, not scarcity.

24. Innovate and Create

Don’t just follow the path; create your own. Innovate and leave a legacy.

25. Never Stop Dreaming

Dreams fuel the soul. Pursue them with unwavering determination.

Remember, these mindset rules are not mere aphorisms; they are potent tools that, when internalized and practiced, can transform your life. Embrace them, and witness the remarkable impact they can have on your journey to fulfillment and success.

We wish you all the love and success!

The Bitcoin Family

Didi, Romaine, Joli, Juna, Jessa and Teddy

Our Youtube channel grew with 1000% in views and 200% in followers 🔥

Hi All, yes I know it’s a long time ago I wrote an article but the kids are just taking all my time and I need to do my yoga etc as well huh hihihi. I wanted to write something because I really like what happened a few weeks ago with Didi. I saw that Didi was feeling bored staying in one place during lockdown in Thailand what probably sparked the fire in him to start and make daily videos. I am really happy he is doing this as we and the family really needed a YouTube break after making so much videos without seeing result. Now in 28 days time we are finally able to monetise our channel and start to use the profit to share it with the people that need it. Since Didi has been making these daily videos our channel has been growing tremendously. We grew from 1800 subscribers to 4500 subs and from a few thousand views a month to more than 60,000 views per month.

He has set his next goal to 10,000 subscribers and 111,000 views per month so let’s see if he can do it, to be honest I am not even doubting he will because when he starts to run he hardly stops hihihi!! It’s unbelievable to see how Didi is now fully focused on making these video daily but it I also need to stop him now and then and tell him joehoe you also have a family hihihi. We will still make some family videos as well of course. Tonight we will post a video of a amazing day at the Koh Phangan Challenge. That was really fun, even when I hit that red ball with my face hihi. I will list a few videos Didi created that I watched and really like as he combined life, nature and bitcoin into them which makes it easy watchable content for everyone.

Enjoy watching them !!

Sunny Greets and positive vibes


In todays video I will Talk about Bitcoin price and if we can make this move to $ 75,000. Also showing why people expect Ethereum to go to $750 and how chainalysis crashed Dash and Zcash Privacy. Also sharing this new decentralised social media platform that incentivises you in crypto. TEMPLE and Retreats:


In Todays video I show you the nearest place on Koh Phangan where I can pay with bitcoin while I talk about the BITCOIN, LITECOIN and ETH price. Yes a bitcoin member had an urgent luxury problem but was a very humoristic situation. How I manage our portfolio.


In todays video I will Talk about Bitcoin short term move. Will we go to 7,000 or will we go to 11,000 ? Happy 15th Birthday Joli and I will share a story that really happened 15 years ago. Also will speak about India where Bitcoin trading is growing very fast and about a Picasso artwork being sold for BTC. Also sharing an indicator that predicts huge rally!


In todays video I will Talk about the Bitcoin price and we would be able to reach a 2,1 trillion dollar market cap and what it takes to hold that level. Looking at bears and Bulls while I also take a look at Thailands tourism and will show you an amazing beach where locals fish manually to provide foor for their family!

And as if that was not enough he took the time to start an online T-shirt shop on our website. I don’t know where he gets the energy from but it will probably have something to do with the Sean, sun and Koh Phangan as he really likes that combo. I will just support him and now and then remind him to me and the kids before he leaves to the moon without us hihihi. It’s just amazing to see him busy as a bee with something he really likes to do.

The shirts are really cool !!

If you get excited about Koh Phangan by watching theses video’s make sure to use our link for booking your hotel 

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Covid-19 Lockdown Thailand & New Video’s Online

Yes we are in lockdown in Thailand but we call it locked down in paradise as Didi likes to put it. Yes it’s terrible that we lose part of our freedom but some things in life just happen and you go with the flow. It has no use to swim upstream if you can swim downstream. We rented an amazing hippy style beach house in Chaloklum where every kid has her own room, romaine has her balcony for yoga and Didi his hammock on the beach hahaha. Check our Instagram to see pictures of the place! Oh yeah we are also babysitting two little dogs now so let us know what you think about them. They are called Declan and Kyra and are so sweeeeeet.

New daily Youtube Video’s

To keep you up to date about our life in Thailand, Didi started to make daily videos since our Covid19 lockdown in Thailand. The videos are about Bitcoin, Blockchain, what’s happening in the world and our lives. Didi really likes the morning walk on the beach and he just one day started to combine them with recording videos.

Our YouTube channel has grown tremendously since he started these video so we would love you to subscribe to our channel. The goal is to monetize the YouTube channel so we can start to share that profit with ngo’s and poor people all over the world.

What happened to the sharing is caring tour?

At the moment we are not sure if we can continue the tour because of the worldwide situation. Many countries closed the borders and economically many countries will have huge problems the coming year. At the same time our sponsors are having some problems as well because of the crisis which all combined makes it very difficult to continue the sharingiscaring tour at the moment. We are very sad about this and miss our Bitcoin van that now is parked in Bulgaria and not flying to the moon with us.

The Bitmobile van The Bitcoin Family

What now?

As we are stuck on Koh Phangan Didi of course found another opportunity to become part of an amazing project called This is a Digital Nomad Co working and living community thats being set up on Koh Phangan with the goal to support the creating of technology solutions to improve the world. It will be a place where people can live and work. See it as an amusement park whey you can join yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, healing and mindset sessions, eat healthy food and at the same time use multiple co-working spaces with amazing views or join network events and/or conferences organized by the House Of Dao.

We will try to keep you guys more uptimes to date by writing these blogs a bit more often hahaha, but for now just enjoy the videos didi is making daily and please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks and speak to you all soon !

ps. There are two new products Didi wants to show you. One is a debit card you can spend Bitcoin with and the other is an amazing crypto trading course.

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Happy place

Some places you just feel better then other places. It may sound strange but I really think it has to do with the energies at those places. Often when you visit a place where a lot of happy people are you feel more happy as well. Is it the beach, the sea or sun or is it a invisible energy that connects us all.

I really don’t know what the reason is but I have just accepted that those places are around. For me 2 of those places are Koh Phangan and Bali. Both Islands have a special vibe that gives me that extra zen feeling. Yes I hear all the gurus saying now but you need to be able to feel zen everywhere in the world. Sure but if you are not there yet it’s more easy to reach that status in a place where you feel more relaxed. 

The same counts for making changes in life. I see many people struggling with this at the moment and they all try and want to change but it’s just too damn hard for them. The first thing people think is that it’s financial not possible while it often is just getting your priorities straight. The second problem for them is to break the circle at home because they are afraid of the reactions of their friends and family or they get sucked back by the people around them. All above often makes them quickly fall back in running the same circle day after day because it is more convenient and feels safe. 

You can do this for a few times but there will be a time that your body will tell you to stop fooling yourself and that it now is really time to change. Why would you wait till that time if you internally feel it is the right thing to do now.

I was forced by my body through a Burnout and for me the solution was a trip of 3 months to an island where I could reset and rethink life. During that time you will feel if it feels different and if it’s more easy for you to reach that status of zen. Many people don’t even know the zen feeling so how would they want to reach something they don’t know what it is ? In an new relaxed place you will feel how it feels to be yourself without all those friends and repeating routines at home. You will learn to listen and understand your body, mind and soul. When you master to be zen on a relaxed island you can take at a step further and try to master it in a more difficult place like home.

I often compare it with football. If you need to take the decisive penalty kick in a stadium filled with 100.000 screaming people it’s helps when you have practiced it on a quiet neighborhood football court first. 

2019 was an amazing and very beautifull but also hectic year. Thats why we have decided to visit a place where we as a family feel amazing, the food is healthy, the beaches and sea are beautiful and where we can meet many same minded people. After these 2 months we will continue the tour with our rebranded Bitmobile from Bulgaria, to Montenegro , Albania, Greece etc.

Rebranded Bitmobile ? Yes the van will be rebranded but will tell you more about that in the next blog. Want to learn more about how to create the mindset and take steps to change life then read our book which is full with help.

Koh Phangan, here we come.   

Boek Didi Taihuttu en The Bitcoin Family


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