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Covid-19 Lockdown Thailand & New Video’s Online

Yes we are in lockdown in Thailand but we call it locked down in paradise as Didi likes to put it. Yes it’s terrible that we lose part of our freedom but some things in life just happen and you go with the flow. It has no use to swim upstream if you can swim downstream. We rented an amazing hippy style beach house in Chaloklum where every kid has her own room, romaine has her balcony for yoga and Didi his hammock on the beach hahaha. Check our Instagram to see pictures of the place! Oh yeah we are also babysitting two little dogs now so let us know what you think about them. They are called Declan and Kyra and are so sweeeeeet.

New daily Youtube Video’s

To keep you up to date about our life in Thailand, Didi started to make daily videos since our Covid19 lockdown in Thailand. The videos are about Bitcoin, Blockchain, what’s happening in the world and our lives. Didi really likes the morning walk on the beach and he just one day started to combine them with recording videos.

Our YouTube channel has grown tremendously since he started these video so we would love you to subscribe to our channel. The goal is to monetize the YouTube channel so we can start to share that profit with ngo’s and poor people all over the world.

What happened to the sharing is caring tour?

At the moment we are not sure if we can continue the tour because of the worldwide situation. Many countries closed the borders and economically many countries will have huge problems the coming year. At the same time our sponsors are having some problems as well because of the crisis which all combined makes it very difficult to continue the sharingiscaring tour at the moment. We are very sad about this and miss our Bitcoin van that now is parked in Bulgaria and not flying to the moon with us.

The Bitmobile van The Bitcoin Family

What now?

As we are stuck on Koh Phangan Didi of course found another opportunity to become part of an amazing project called This is a Digital Nomad Co working and living community thats being set up on Koh Phangan with the goal to support the creating of technology solutions to improve the world. It will be a place where people can live and work. See it as an amusement park whey you can join yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, healing and mindset sessions, eat healthy food and at the same time use multiple co-working spaces with amazing views or join network events and/or conferences organized by the House Of Dao.

We will try to keep you guys more uptimes to date by writing these blogs a bit more often hahaha, but for now just enjoy the videos didi is making daily and please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks and speak to you all soon !

ps. There are two new products Didi wants to show you. One is a debit card you can spend Bitcoin with and the other is an amazing crypto trading course.

Spend Bitcoin All over the world where Mastercard is accepted:

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Boek Didi Taihuttu en The Bitcoin Family


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