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Norway is starting to accept bitcoin !

During our European bitcoin tour, we visit all kinds of crypto-related places and test how they work. This time we visited the Kasbah in Oslo and we tried to pay for our drinks with Bitcoin through our Mister Tango card.  It amazes us that more and more shops, bars and restaurants accept crypto as a payment method. Also in Norway, there were a few places we could pay with our crypto. To be honest we expected Norway to have more places but we also know that we are just at the beginning of the crypto adoption curve and that this will change in the near future.

Our tour will be about 6 months long so if you have a thing you want us to test just let us know and we will go there and make a video on it to share it with the world.  The goal of our tour is to inform as much as possible people about cryptocurrency and blockchain and support it going mainstream. We could also be relaxing on a beach the rest of our lives but we just feel too young for this and we have too much motivation to inspire people about changing life and using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

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A short overview of the places that accept Bitcoin in Norway:

The Kasbah – a very nice cafe with amazing food, drinks and chill atmosphere,

Aktivisten kafé – a small cozy café in the hipster district of Oslo

Zodo/Viralvoi – marketing agency

Wish AS Opplevelsesgaver – Experience gifts

FixMyi – repairing service for Apple products

Host1 AS – webhosting and other IT services

Mediehuset Tek AS – a company making specific softwares – Scandianvian trading center to buy and sell Bitcoin itself

Iterate AS – that’s us

iPhix – repairing Apple and Samsung products

WAU – travel and technology agency – worldwide seller of handheld laser and laser-accessories.

Camping Dalen & Camping Dalen Shop: Listed as two in Coinmap, but in fact it’s one.

Ecoin – an inactive costumised map to list places where Bitcoin is accepted. Doesn’t function as a shop to buy products and services

Holiday House Nybergsund, Norway

Brattlia Økogård – Organic farm

Follow us on our European bitcoin tour and if you wanna learn a bit more about blockchain and bitcoin follow our crypto course with more then 3hrs HD video in which I will take you by the hand and coach you in your first steps in crypto space. 

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