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NFTs have conquered the art and gaming sectors. Whether you consider them a speculative craze or an exciting new opportunity for artists, they continue to generate headlines when they sell for millions of dollars. To signify possession of unique digital goods, we use NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Stuff like music, collectibles, arts, games, or even real estate gets tokenized via NFTs.

The non-fungible tokens allow a single authorized owner at a time. Ethereum blockchains secure them so that no other user can amend the record of ownership or copy/paste a novel NFT. Whether the actual file is a JPG, MP3, GIF, or anything else, the NFT that indicates its ownership can be purchased and sold just like any other piece of art – and the price, like real art, is primarily determined by market demand. Non-fungible is an economic term describing anything like a song file, furniture, or laptop. Each of these things possesses unique characteristics and hence becomes non-interchangeable. Similarly, fungible items are exchangeable since they lack unique properties, and their value defines them. Let’s quickly dive into the NFT examples for better understanding:
– Unique Digital Artworks
– Domain names
– In-game items
– Essays
– Coupons or tickets for any event
– in the future even cars and houses can become and NFT
– Future digital Passports

All these NFT examples must have cleared your concept regarding fungible and non-fungible tokens. If you need to bid on these digital possessions, you require opening and funding a crypto wallet on an NFT marketplace. OpenSea is the world’s largest and finest NFT marketplace to explore, buy, and sell extraordinary NFTs.
There are two things necessary to use OpenSea: Ethereum wallet and Ethereum tokens. MetaMask is the easiest Ethereum wallet for using OpenSea. To buy Ethereum, if one does not have a cryptocurrency exchange account, it is essential to create one.I would recommend to open an account at BYBIT.

NFTs come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. I decided to invest in Crypto Pills do impeccable justice to the previous statement as they are a limited colourful pill-like NFT collection. The Crypto Pills NFTs are the characters that build on the inspiration from pills. They are a Virtual Medicine for a Sick Society!  These multi-colored and multi-gendered pills have a resolution of 3,000px and are created by the Artist Micha Klein . this is my first pill. Yes you can copy the image but you won’t be able to proof ownership hahaha. Check the full collection at

I Furthermore invested in a private NFT collection called the Party Ape Billionaire Club of 10,000 billionaire Party apes. This is my Party Ape!! Check the full party ape collection at 

It is natural for individuals to flaunt their wealth. – be it expensive sunshades, watches, luxurious cars, or now NFTs. NFTs provide a new way to confirm the genuineness of expensive items. It’s also referred to as digital flexing by the youth. Aside of a nice investment most NFTs offer a huge community and all sorts of rewards and other advantages. Most of them focus on integrating the avatars in the new meta verse worlds.  As a result, people come to know about your spending thousands of dollars on a simple JPEG.

There is a possibility that extraordinary projects will survive longer, but it is clear that NFTs possess overhype at present. If you think of investing in NFTs, perform thorough research and invest as much as you can afford to lose.

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