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HODL BITCOIN and stay Happy Long time !

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog, but to be honest I’ve been very busy. Very busy Koh Phangan? Yes many crypto meetings, again made a nice documentary, some interviews and inspired many to start in crypto etc. And most importantly also just occasionally I did just nothing.

We have a few exciting days coming up in terms of bitcoin. If bitcoin will to break the border of $11.400 and closes above this limit, the chances are very big that we are going to have a bull run that can end up somewhere between $ 16,000 and $18,000. If then the second layer applications and blockchains for BTC will work in the near future, in my opinion we will easily reach the goals I already shared earlier which were higher than $ 30.000 this year. Exciting but also fun times. hahaha

In the last months I also joined the team as an advisor I became advisor for them because I just love their concept and I think it can build a bridge between money and crypto. allows you to SPEND bitcoin while you HODL them as well. So yes you can use bitcoin to invest in mining rigs or for a nice vacation and at the same time also HODL the bitcoins and thus not missing the expected growth. Take a look at the website for more info.

Another thing I would like to discuss with you is exchanges. I think that there maybe will be a major shift from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges. A good example of such a new decentralized exchange is ALTCOIN.IO . Yes this is a referral link but once you have an account you can also get it and earn a little extra. Decentralized exchanges are important for the future of crypto because they allow you to swap coins using Atomic swaps without keeping your coins on an exchange and so you  have full control on all private and public keys. Very safe in my opinion because some exchanges  have been hacked etc in recent years. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Ok that was it for now and if I can give a tip then I would not trade too much and wait to see what BTC is going to do, because as you know; As bitcoin climbs the alts will dip, as bitcoin decreases the alts will dip and only if bitcoin remains stable then the alts climb as well. I expect a BTC bull run so I keep as much as possible in BTC. But please also keep an eye on LTC because it could give us a nice surprise as well.

Oh yes and I almost forget to mention the most important thing. Because we received so many questions, I created a Crypto starters course with more than 3 hours of HD video and super tips and tricks on how to start buying and trading bitcoins. You can also become an affiliate and sell this course. Take a look at

Greetings from sunny Thailand and Hodl because soon you wil be able to say;

I am happy long time, hahahaha.

Do you need some inspiration for 2018 and changing your life ?

Need some inspiration to change your life? Must See! YOLO

So we just want to give you some inspiration for 2018. This video explains in a few minutes why you should change your life into chasing your dreams and find your passion.  Again we wish you a happy, healthy and lucky 2018 and we hope to meet you all!

Why we love these videos?

We love this kind of videos because they remember us that we took the right decision. We needed to change life and we totally agree on many people that make these amazing video’s. Look at our youtube channel for the video’s we like. Sir Ken Robinson on education, Sadguru on life, Andreas Antonopoulos on blockchain and Bitcoin and many more like these.

it’s important that you listen too what other people have to say instead off just repeating the things you already know, so subscribe to our channel and we will keep you up to date about these amazing videos and people.

Need to have a reason to get into Bitcoin then please read this blog we wrote about the reasons to join cryptocurrency. It more to it than just becoming a millionaire or buying a Lamborghini. And there is more in life than running the hamster wheel and just doing the same day every single day. You weren’t born and didn’t give birth to your kids to become small robots that don’t think for themselves. You are born to be a unique individual that uses their talent and passion to just be happy.

That is why everybody’s. goals should be to be happy and make other people around you happy. It’s the key to a healthy and joyful life and will give you much more than focus on all the negative things in your and others life.

Is it easy to change life? NO but we can help you. Join our free telegram channel to chat with us.


Schoestress, how to get rid of it ?


Didi and I have come to the conclusion that we have far too much and indeed our girls too. Because of this insight, we started ‘the big cleanup’ a while ago. Let’s  get rid of all that materialistic shit !!!


Because we are currently staying at a campsite, makes this process considerably easier. That materialistic stuff does not fit in our chalet of  52 m2. Certainly, relinquishing all your stuff is a big change and it does something to you. To give an example:
Mother of the house (I myself :-)) had quite a big shoe collection. I had a special shoe cabinet in our house. One that reached up to the ceiling, with pull-out drawers. The cabinet was overfilled. The thing is that when the shoe cabinet was sold (all shoes had to be removed), I came to the realization:

Damn, why so much?

I quickly put the shoes in trash bags and took them to the campsite to sort my shoes in peace and quiet. I put them neatly pair by pair and this was the result:

On this picture are about 40 pairs of shoes. Afterwards, it turned out that I had more (15 pairs in a closet in the attic).  My idea was to keep 10 pairs of the 55 pair of shoes and that’s it! The beginning was easy. I certainly did not wear half of all the shoes I had, so within no time I only had 22 pairs left. So now to the next step of 1o pair of shoes.

Wow, now it was getting more difficult.  Well, I had to make very conscious choices;) and that was not easy, but I succeeded and check only 10 pairs of shoes. To be honest, when I am writing this I still think that this is a lot because I know many people in the world are happy if they would own 1 pair of shoes. But again we are taking step by step and the 10 pair will probably be reduced some more when I am used to the idea.

And now?

I can say that the first week I had to get used to it but now it feels normal or even lux to have 10 pairs of shoes. Most of the shoes are already sold so again some extra money to live.  The huge amount of shoes I needed to select out of every day, was gone. I can still remember that I visited my mother that week and stood in front of her closet with shoes (my mother has so many shoes, my collection was nothing, hihihi). The temptation to borrow shoes from her was huge, but I did not do it. Shoulder pat for myself.

Now, again a few weeks later, it turns out that I really like this; so much less choice. It is now much easier. No more shoe stress :-). And I know: I can buy new shoes, but I want this: NO. The shoes that I have now are more than enough. It can probably be done with even less, but Rome is not built in a single day either.

I will buy only buy new shoes when the old ones are worn out.


Love Romaine, minimalist in the making.

Update 3 Minimalism vs becoming crypto millionaire ??

Week 3

So here we are at week three after our first news coming out on business insider. Man, our life has been a thrill ride since then. It’s really amazing to see how life changes after some media attention. It’s a really unusual situation for us and the kids because we didn’t start our adventure to become world news. We are just a normal family that is really relaxed and grounded. But at the moment we daily receive invitations to shoot documentaries, radio and television interviews, late night shows, participate in television shows like parents changing family’s, start to vlog etc. The next step will probably be that someone offers us to write a book hahaha.

But why did we really start this adventure?

The main reason for the steps that we are taking is that we experienced life can go fast, referring to Didi’ s deceased mom (48 years) and dad (61 years). We were running the hamster wheel so hard it almost started to roll with 220 km/h. We felt we needed a real change of lifestyle for ourselves and the kids. During the traveling we discovered we didn’t need so much stuff and that the situation we had been creating at home the last decade was making us noxious. We were really getting sick of having all the stuff and that’s why we decided to sell almost everything. How does it feel to get sick of having stuff? It just makes you want to scream and run as far away possible from your house and all the stuff in it.

Being with the kids

We wanted to stop running and miss out on the kids growing up and spend more time with them now they are still young. We would love to teach them that life isn’t all about having but also about giving and helping each other. There are people in need of help all over the world. We want them to know they are free individuals that are allowed to follow their passions and chase their dreams instead of becoming small robots. That they are in control of their own lives. With the steps we took we hope to set a good example for our kids.

Next step, selling everything

We decided to start selling all of our luxury belongings like our house, cars, electric bikes, quads, toys, computers, clothes, shoes etc. just everything we didn’t want/need anymore. We moved to a campsite to live in a 50m2 chalet with two bedrooms a kitchen, bathroom and living/study/bedroom.

What now, what do we have to do with all the money from these sales?

Put in a bank? Keep it at home? Put it in crypto?
This decision was made really quick because we partly lost our trust in the banks and keeping it at home was not safe (the amount is too big). We don’t trust the banks is a big word but let’s look at our investment mortgage. At the point of selling our house this was less then we invested into it in the last 10 years. Secondly, banks start to ask interest for having savings. So our conclusion was that the banks weren’t doing a good job. If you combine this with the situations we saw in Greece and Cyprus, the devaluating of money in many other places in the world and maybe an upcoming crisis we thought cryptocurrency was the safest option.

The positive part of crypto is that if it booms we will make a fortune, but again that’s not the main reason for the life-changing things we are doing at the moment. It’s just that to live a life we need something of value to pay for our basic needs and we chose to trust blockchain and decentralized digital money like bitcoin.

Another reason for this choice is that we are aware of what is happening in the world. Our belief is that we are part of a revolution of the monetary system and that the current money as we know it will evolve to cryptocurrency. We don’t think we are alone in this movement and that more and more people are losing trust in the current monetary system and the ones that rule it. Let’s be honest they haven’t done a great job for many in the last decades.

To answer the question we received a lot in the last weeks

Question: Don’t you think it’s a bit controversial that you want to live a minimalist life and become a millionaire as well?

Answer: First of all to be very clear. We never said to anybody we wanted to be a millionaire family. We just said that crypto could make it possible that our money could go times 5.  Yes, we understand we can become crypto millionaires, but mind you, we also understand that we can go bankrupt because of crypto. It’s just not the main reason for our decisions we are taking at the moment.


So we hope that this clears up the question of “the minimalist family that wants to become a millionaire”, hahaha. What the future will be we honestly don’t know and don’t care. We live in the moment and day by day. We enjoy every day to the fullest because you never know when it will be the last day of this life.

You Only Live Once
YoloFamilyTravel aka “the bitcoin family “ hahaha.

if you need some info on bitcoins please check and start your own crypto adventure.

Read some reviews about billsdoc, fake money and bitcoin here.

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