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Acro yoga with, for and by kids.[:nl]Acro Yoga met kinderen

Acro yoga with, for and by kids.  ( Also in Dutch  )

I had heard of acro yoga a few times, but every time I thought: all of those crazy poses, I’m not going to start doing that. But then the situation occurred that I had to face it and say yes.

We stayed for 10 days at family, Lance, and Jodi, in Australia, Kurnell. From there we will discover a part of the east coast of Australia. During our stay, it appears that Jodi is totally hooked on Acro Yoga. The first evening she challenges my 3 daughters (Joli 12 years, Juna 10 years and Jessa 7 years) to do acro yoga with her. Joli and Juna find it exciting, but in the end, Joli is the first to do it.

  acro yoga

Jodi is on the ground and balances Joli over her in the air in different positions, incredible. I am stunned about how much power Jodi has. Joli is ready and Juna also wants to try. She also likes it. Jessa is all about watching from a distance, along with me, hihihi.

After Jodi has done some exercises with the girls, they start themselves. They lay their mattresses on the ground and the rest of the evening they practice acro yoga. Jessa also joined her sisters. From now on, the girls don’t stop anymore. In parks, on the beach, in the garden everywhere, an acro exercise is done. The kids combine it with some yoga and gymnastics exercises. They invent everything.

Beach day

The next day we go to the beach with Lance and Jodi. They bring a lot of things: paddleboards, fishing tackle, tennis rackets, ball, picnic equipment etc. That promises to be a nice day. Jodi starts working on the beach with the girls. And again new acro yoga exercises to learn. It looks great, but then, mommy’s turn. Jodi calls and asks if I want to practice with her. I find it scary!!! Okay, that Jodi can lift the girls, that’s one thing, but I’m somewhat heavier, hihihi. Jodi wins my trust and I undergo the exercises. She carries me so easy, incredible. But then, well, I have to do it and use/find my strength and balance. I have to admit I did well for the first time.

acro yoga  acro yoga

Further …. now Jodi wants me to lift her, uhhhh, what, but I cannot, I thought. But yes, yes, with some tips and the right balance, I managed to balance Jodi over me. Hey, I was amazed at my skills, hihihi. The day at the beach was super cool and I’m glad I tried acro yoga.

acro yoga  acro yoga


Through YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, I find fun and challenging exercises that I practice with the kids and some they can practice themselves. Almost every day my girls are doing it and I see many positive effects. It’s good for their bodies, they work together, it’s challenging and last but not least they have fun. What does a parent want more?

Romaine Taihuttu-Smits

P.s.We found a nice book on acro yoga with kids on

What about yoga ?

romaine taihuttu yoga
First of all: I love Yoga!!!  It’s good for your body, mind and soul.

How did I get in to yoga?

When I grew up I did all kinds of sports. At the age of 5 I started with ballet as I grew older I also got into jazz dance and modern dance (dancing was my life, I loved it and still do) while I was a dancer I also tried tennis for a few years. I did aerobics (I learned it and became an instructor, but only for a short time). I have done fitness and not to forget Tae bo. Do you remember that one or maybe it’s new to you. Well, I really liked it. Billy Blanks was on fire, hihihi. So as you can read I tried all kinds of sports, but dancing was the one sport I never quitted.

At the age of 24 my body was starting to give me signals. I needed to take better care for myself. Ha, that’s what I know now. But when I was 24 I was like:

I am dying, I can’t breathe, something is really wrong with me, am I depressed?, somebody help me!!! and even the love of my life, Didi (now a days he is my husband) couldn’t help me.

I went to my doctor. She called it anxiety attacks and hyperventilation. She advised me to stop working for a while. In the mean time I needed to go to a psychologist, a physiotherapist and she gave me some pills, only to use if I felt really bad. So, I did what she told me. Took time from my work, I weekly went to a psychologist  and a physiotherapist for 6 months and once in a while I needed to take a pill, because at some moments I didn’t know what else to do. Sometimes I just couldn’t keep it together and the only way out seemed to take a pill.

I hate taking pills, but if I took one, I calmed down and got tired. I would mostly fall asleep and after I woke up my anxiety attack was over. So the pills helped, but I knew they were not THE solution. The anxiety attacks and the hyperventilation got less. So I started working again and tried to pick up my old life. I thought that I was doing great. I had my job, a boyfriend, a house, a cat. Everything seemed perfect and I would have an anxiety attack or hyperventilation only once in a while. That wasn’t so bad. I learned to live with it.

Lives goes on…..

At the age of 26 I got pregnant. Wow, I felt really good. That’s the first time I went to a yoga class. It was a class full with pregnant woman. I Iiked it and I learned a lot. Especially the breathing part. A few months after I gave birth to my first beautiful daughter I went to a hatta yoga class. I tried it for a few weeks, but at that time it wasn’t my thing. So I kept on dancing, but instead of 5 times a week dance class, I now just went 3 times a week. That was more than enough for me at that moment.

At the age of 29 I gave birth to my second beautiful girl and at the age of 31 I gave birth to my third beautiful girl.  Until that point my life seemed perfect. I thought I had it all. But then, when I was 32 years,  my hyperventilation got worse again and I needed to quit dancing. Somehow I didn’t have the strength anymore and I had trouble with my breathing during dance class. I tried other sports, but every sport was too heavy for me. So I decided to do no sports at all for I while.

yolofamilytravel yoga

In the meantime I lost a lot of weight, even though I ate a lot, I got cranky (moodswings), I had hair loss, I felt tired, but was restless, etc. Well let’s say: it wasn’t the best time of my life. But still I kept going. I thought: well, I’m a mother of three, I work part-time, I do my housekeeping, etc. Maybe it’s too much for me and that’s probably the reason why I’m feeling so shitty.

What the bleep is a thyroid?

Then, one night, when I was sitting on the couch with Didi just watching a movie, I felt really restless. So I measured my heart rate and it seemed really high. I told didi and we measured it together. It was 130 beats a minute and that just in relax mode when I was sitting on the couch. That didn’t seemed right. I measured it later that evening again and the day after, but my heartrate didn’t get lower. The next day I made an appointment with my doctor. She wanted me to check my blood. So I did.

The result was: an overactive thyroid which is also called Graves disease. WHAT??? Never heart of it. What the bleep is a thyroid? My doctor explained me what it meant; a tiny little butterfly-shaped gland (the thyroid) located in the middle of the neck is overactive and that’s causing all of my symptoms.

yolofamilytravel yoga

My doctor send me to an internist and one thing lead to another. The internist described me some pills and I needed to visit her every month for a year for check-up. After a year of taking pills my thyroid was working again as it should. Sadly A year later I got the symptoms back and my thyroid was working to fast again. I was like, no pills again so I searched the solution in the alternative circuit. I tried a lot of treatments but they all didn’t work and so I decided to try the pills again and start living a bit more relaxed. After a few months I was able to quit taking pills and I just needed a check-up once a year.

In the meantime I started to think more about myself and decided to live my life instead of all the other people’s lives. I also started with Hatta yoga, because I was feeling bored, I needed to do some kind of exercise and a lot of people where telling me how good yoga would be for me. It was no coincidence that one of my best friends is a yoga teacher so when she invited me for her class, I went. This time I loved it. It felt really good doing something for myself, that’s good for my body, mind and soul.

And now ?

Now I’m 39 years and still practising yoga as much as I can. The beautiful part is that I can practise yoga everywhere. There are no boundaries (in my house, in the garden, in a park, on the beach etc.). If I practice yoga it’s about me and exactly that gives me so much satisfaction. I love stretching my body, it makes me agile and flexible. Not only my body, but also in my mind. Yoga gives me energy and

    yolofamilytravel yoga
it quiets down my mind. I haven’t used pills for some years now, so I think it’s true that if you just take care of yourself and you listen to your body you will feel better.

By the way: my kids love it as well. At the moment they love acro yoga and often we do the sun salution (sūrya namaskāra) together. I really love that one. So, I used to be hooked on dancing, now I’m hooked on yoga. Yoga is the way of life for me at the moment.
Maybe you are already practising yoga. Maybe you are considering on taking a yoga class. All I can say is: try it!!!  If you don’t try it, you don’t know it. If you live in Venlo I would reccomend Yogahuis Venlo.

yolofamilytravel yoga yolofamilytravel yoga yolofamilytravel yoga

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