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Yolofamilytravel meets family Zapp. A dream come true

A dream come true

Imagine you get the opportunity to meet your idol that has enlighted you to take certain steps in life. For football, this would be Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi, for music this would have been Elvis or Bob Marley, for movie stars it would have been morgan freeman or Angelina Jolie and so on and so on. In travel, there is only one superstar in our opinion and that is the family Zapp. Traveling for almost 18 years in an old Englisch car with a tent on the roof. Started with just the 2 off them for a few years and ended up traveling with 4 kids. The kids are born all over the world during their trip. One of them even in the car.

When we saw they were in Holland I immediately texted them they could stay over at our place and so we connected. Today was the day a dream came true because we met the Zapp family in Rotterdam Netherlands. We spend a morning together in a bookstore and spoke about many things in life and travel. It was a real honor for us to meet them and there was a connection that travelers often have. The kids played together and enjoyed a show organized by the bookstore. I could see in the eyes off my own kids that they now understood that kids that have traveled a long time, live a beautiful life. We had a great chat and even helped them selling some books.

The Car


Herman showed us the car and invited us to take place in the car. If you’re in it you even get more respect for their way of life. It’s small but cozy and you just feel the places this car has been too. I can really see me driving the world in it but I think a lot off people would get claustrophobic in this car if they were in it with 5 friends.

Herman and Candelaria signed their our book for us, which we recommend everybody to read if you wanna spark your dreams. They will be in Holland for some time so please visit them and buy the book. It will change your way of thinking about life.

We talked some more and the kids played together. They were getting busy with selling books etc so we decided to step back and let them do their thing. Their only source of income is selling their books so we have a lot of respect for the fact they even took time for us. We are going to meet again later this week and so we have plenty of time to chat some more.

They signed our book with the following words which were inspiring.

“ Jessa, Juna, Joli, Romaine, Didi. You are the perfect family to chase dreams. see you in Argentina! “

Yes, indeed we are invited to come to their house in Argentina when they will be there next year. This is a dream come true and yes like they inspired us we hope to inspire a lot of people to start chasing their dreams and live life to the fullest. You Only Live Once!

We took some pictures together, with our families, hugged and said goodbye! ( see you soon).

Thanks, Herman, Candelaria, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, and Wallaby for this beautiful day and the gift.

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