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The Bitcoin family travels around the world and lives a decentral lifestyle solely owning cryptocurrency. All belongings have been sold and converted into Bitcoin. Their income is fully generated from educating, speaking, trading,  hodling, advising people about Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.  You can sign up today for a PAID VIP MEMBERSHIP where you get access to all Didi’s knowledge. 

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Ideal for Crypto-Starter till advanced user

The perfect start for beginners into the fascinating world of cyptocurrency.

Video Tutorials

Over 3h HD video content with Didi. Detailled explained with screen videos.

Basic of Crypto trading

Learn to buy bitcoin, choose the right trading platform, how to keep your crypto safe.

Day Trading SIGNALS

Follow Didi on how he is earning his daily income through Bitcoin trading.

Changing the future

The Blockchain is a revolution – understand the technique behind and become an early adaptor.

Fast growing Community

Inside Didi’s VIP Telegram group you will find like-minded people that are eager to learn and find oppertunities.


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Investment deal flow

Didi is receiving pre seed investment oppertunities that he will share with his VIP community.

TBF Indicators

As you know Didi uses a special tradingview setup for his trades. He will not only share this setup with you but also educate and guide you in usage.

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